Download Bastion
Bastion is a File Manager App for desktop. Think of it as a basic version of Dropbox.
  • Platforms are hard to demo. So, we developed Bastion as a means to showcase the Newfang Platform.
  • It uses the latest Newfang SDK and is capable of File Upload/Download/Delete.
  • This is just a PoC. Expect it to be rough around the edges.
  • Please report any issues or bugs on Bastion's Github and help us improve it.
  • Bastion comes with 1GB of free storage and 1GB of free bandwidth for you to test.
  • Bastion and our SDK are highly experimental at this point. DO NOT upload anything important or without a backup.
Access the Developer Portal
Its where you can download SDKs, view usage, verify charges and make payments.
Newfang Developer Portal
  • Requests to upload/download files in Bastion show up here along with their statuses.
  • If a request closes successfully, you can see the work done and associated charge.
  • Verify the actions and work done on the public EOS Testnet Explorer.
  • Please report any issues or bugs on the Dev Portal's Github and help us improve it.
  • This is a demo account and all payments are staged. DO NOT enter you actual payment details. We will never ask for them while we are in Alpha.
Ready to start using Newfang with your app? Reach out to us at