Decentralized Cloud Storage Platform for any app.

Newfang is Secure, Fast and Cheap.
Oh and deadly easy to use!

Why Newfang
Offers the best of both centralized and decentralized cloud storage platforms.
Lowered Costs
Decentralization helps us leverage massive availability of resources at the edge of the network and pass on the cost benefits to you.
No Price Fluctuations
Service on Newfang comes at a fixed price. You buy credits which offer storage and bandwidth at fixed prices. Top up on your credits as you scale.
Security & Privacy
All files are AES encrypted before being stored on the network. The user is always in control of their files and only they can access it.
Developer Friendly
The platform and SDKs are built to be as easy to use as possible for developers. There is no need to deal with tokens and wallets
Configurable Redundancy
Files are erasure coded into multiple segments and distributed to storage servers across the world. You can configure the required level of redundancy.
Public Verifiability
Built on top of EOS blockchain, you can verify requests, usage, work done, charges, and transactions on the network.
How it works
Files are AES encrypted and a private key is returned for each upload.
Files are erasure encoded into multiple pieces based on k of N scheme. This offers redundancy. Only ‘k’ files are needed to fetch the entire file.
Each piece is then placed on a unique storage server on our decentralized network.
Server Selection
Servers to download from are selected by one of the helper nodes.
Multiple pieces are asynchronously downloaded to the client.
Decode & Decrypt
Client SDK decodes and decrypts the downloaded file using the private key.
Who is it for
Decentralized Apps need Decentralized Storage but Newfang is uniquely architected so it can be used in any App.
Newfang is for you...
...if you want to pay with your credit card or bank account and don't want to buy/hold/use a cryptocurrency.
...if you want a service that is decentralized but reliable.
...if you want to predict costs and spend less each month.
...if you don't want your app's data compromised or snooped on.
...if you want better performance but don't want to overspend on a CDN.
Read our Whitepaper, Try our Demo or Signup to start using Newfang.
Read our Whitepaper and understand the functional/technical intricacies of the platform.
Signup to create your application, download platform specific SDKs and start using our storage network.
Download our Sample Desktop App, integrated with our SDK and give Newfang a spin.
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